About Me


Born in the USA, raised in Switzerland, originally Austrian, and graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in International Relations, I try to live out my passion for wilderness, adventure, and an active and healthy lifestyle as best as I can.
You’ll find me mostly in British Columbia’s Interior region, where I’ve established Revelstoke as my base camp from which to explore nature’s fantastic playground on lugged soles, knobby tires, or waxed pairs of planks.
I am fascinated by Mother Nature, especially her mountains, and by the incredible performance of the human body as it runs, flows and moves through her landscapes. Through my own pursuit of and dedication to movement out on the trails, I get to experience what we are capable of first-hand, be it running, biking, scrambling, or skiing.
I’ve got adventures on my mind, scars on my shins, and many miles on my shoes. This past summer, more than ever, I have been pushing beyond my comfort zone in ways I didn’t think possible. Sure enough, I ended up completing two trail ultramarathons – instead of just one as I had initially planned – and cannot wait to build on this solid foundation. Although I am currently finding myself slightly sidelined due to injury.

Constantly plotting new missions, I’ve got plenty to look forward to – not only this year that I’ll spend more settled and working, but also sometime within the next year, when I plan on hitting dirt, gravel, and road once more on an epic expedition: a season spent bikepacking and skiing in through the Cascade Range. But, first things first. Here’s to expanding the skill set, gaining experience, and hopefully running further than ever!