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A tour up Gross Chärpf with a side of forgotten gear

“Hey guys… I forgot my poles.” Now, that’s one way not to start your skitour. But here we are — Luki, Pius and I — at the trailhead at the very end of the Sernftal; boots on, skins sticking, bindings locked in. Ready to rumble.  But I didn’t bring my ski poles. We start skinning…

The Spearhead Traverse: A Boxing Day Repost

Back in 2018, I embarked on the Spearhead Traverse – North America’s most classic multi-day skitouring itinerary. It had taken me a year exactly to put the experience into words and publish this article on my old blog (let’s name it “Jo Runs Wild 1.0” from now on). As it is now Boxing Day 2021…

On the little tasks (like starting a blog, again)

I’m the first to admit that getting anything done is hard. There is so much that I want to get done – all the time. I want to write more, read more, paint and be creative, go on early runs and rides. It’s not that there aren’t enough hours in a single day to be…

Life is absurd. But you can fill it with ideas. With enthusiasm. You can fill your life with joy.

Reinhold Messner

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