A brand new ending

As I write these introductory words, it slowly dawns on me that I am done my university degree. This day marks the end of the most significant chapter of my life! In the past four years, I have experienced more than I ever dared dream of, pushing my heart and spirit to grow ever more, do ever more, and to pursue these new facets of my being that I was discovering in the process.

More importantly, I have forged relationships that will last a lifetime, and uncovered what truly drives me forward. For this, I am eternally grateful – even though it came with upwards of 120 exams, papers, and presentations. But the hard work paid off. I am ready to step into the unknown and push aside the veils covering whatever may lie ahead. Unlike the cat, I will not get killed by curiosity. Instead, it will make me grow even more, lead me to explore ever further, travel ever more, and make my body become ever stronger.

So, why begin this post (and this blog for that matter) with an ending? Because an ending is merely a beginning of something different. And possibly something greater if you want it to be. I have wanted to start my own blog for quite some time but kept myself from doing so until I was done with my degree. It was not a project that I wanted to work on in parallel with all those papers and essays my International Relations major required. Now, however, this weight of obligations has been lifted from my shoulders. This is why I saw the symbolism of publishing this first post on the day of my last exam as quite fitting – it represents the beginning of a new chapter in my life. A chapter where I can focus more than ever on exploring mountains, going on adventures, and moving my body.

I want to share written accounts of this adventurous life in order to inspire others. In that sense, I want to educate people and make them realize that they can achieve much more than they believe to be capable of.

What I am mainly referring to is to having the proper mindset – your body is powerful beyond words and beyond anything your brain makes you believe. You can go out of your comfort zone. You can push your limits. You can summit that mountain. You can let go of your day to day life in order to experience someplace new. You are built to achieve so much if you only believe in the strength of your spirit and your body. I hope I can nudge you towards experiencing exhilaration, joy, and pride by sharing my own journey.

I want to share my adventures with those who I wish were there with me to experience them; those who wished they were there with me; those who, unfortunately, cannot be part of my experiences. Maybe this space will give all of us the feeling to grow closer together and to share the memories of these moments.

At the same time, I want to use this project to keep myself accountable to the perspective I have outlined above. When the going gets tough, this blog and the emotions I have shared with all of you will remind me of the reasons to keep pushing, to run that extra mile, and to bike that extra half day, no matter how many blisters I have to deal with.

Who knows, maybe I will become a better person through having this ongoing opportunity to reflect on past actions.

In the meantime, here’s to a brand new ending. Let’s explore this rad world!


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